Digital agency for websites, apps and dedicated teams with offices in Amsterdam, Cracow, Rzeszow, Wroclaw and Barcelona.

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Together with our customers we build responsive websites, native apps and complex software. Products that your customers love to use.

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No full-service agency! Yes specialists in the creation of fabulous design, state-of-the-art code and fast solutions for capacity problems.


What we do

We help companies develop websites, apps and software. We offer a wide range of services, enabling us to provide complete solutions for complex projects. We provide:

design (ux, ui, visual)

Web design is in our DNA. Designing for websites and mobile applications is different from designing for a magazine or flyer. The behavior of an online user is extremely complex. Subtle details can determine the succes of a website or app. A good web design can significantly improve conversions. We are the professionals you have been looking for.


Mobile devices are an integral part of modern day society. Websites receiving over 50% of their traffic from mobile or tablet is no longer the exception. It can be extremely annoying to online users when a website is not mobile friendly. We develop responsive websites and native apps for iOS and Android devices. We have a wealth of experience in this field. Our team was already building software for mobiles in 2005. Back then they were not even called apps.

web development

78% of our employees are programmers. We are a group of technical specialists with a clear vision and high standards. We are very successful with building: Complex websites, Content Management Systems, Workflow Tools, E-commerce websites, Communities and Integrations with API’s. We develop in PHP, Python, Ruby and Java and use kickass frontend tools. We get really excited about nearly impossible projects.

conversion optimization

The art of convincing your customers. The launch of your website is only the beginning. Data analysis, usability research and A/B testing are the basis for a process of constantly adjusting your website, leading to a much higher return on your online marketing investments. Our years of experience and knowledge of optimization tools ensure significant improvements. There is a reason some of our customers are already with us for more than 10 years!

cloud architectuur

Nowadays the massive numbers of internet users combined with the power of social media can shutdown websites in a wink. With our smart cloud based solutions your website’s performance is guaranteed and you can grow without fear of a shutdown. We help companies create stable platforms that can scale limitlessly.

dedicated teams

Truly skilled programmers are rare in the Netherlands. Our customers were tired of hiring mediocre people. We have plenty of good programmers. We are building dedicated development teams for our customers in our office in Cracow (Poland). Some of the most well-known software companies, web shops, and travel agencies are customers of ours. They are all very satisfied with having excellent programmers for a fraction of the cost. Watch video


A selection of recent projects we are proud of:
Planning to start a challenging project? Would you like to be helped by experienced people with a critical look. Would you like to start a long term relationship with a partner that you can rely on? Do you like some quality Italian coffee? Then we should really get together...


Hard working, fun making, constantly striving to improve ourselves and get results.
We are a digital agency with 19 years of experience, 70 employees and offices in three countries. We help realize creative and technological challenges for our customers. Our combined expertise of design, architecture and technique ensures results. We practice the so called “Agile Development” principles meaning you will receive finished parts of the project which you can see and test. This ensures the final result is exactly what you want it to be. Every project is different. We carefully select the right people for the job. Our creatives, business consultants and technicians have had many successes over the years. Meet them here.

our team

Leopold CEO
Tomasz COO Cracow
Radek COO Wroclaw
Jeroen COO Barcelona
Kate CFO
Niels Project Manager
Soraya Art Director
Nikki Web Designer
Jeroen POS Developer
Marcin Python Developer
Szczepan Python Developer
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Develop (yourself) AT AMSTERDAM STANDARD!

We make the coolest stuff with the nicest colleagues for the most interesting customers. You know… like any other company. Still, we are different. We offer our people real opportunities. Ready to show us what you got?

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CONTACT Amsterdam

Since 2006 our headquarters are located in Amsterdam Noord (free parking and 5 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station).

We currently have 17 employees in our Amsterdam office. Here we do acquisition, conceptual development, design, system architecture, project management and conversion optimization.

The office is managed by Leopold van Oosten

Contact person
Niels van Roijen

Hamerstraat 19-1
1021 JT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

M info@amsterdamstandard.com
T (+31) 020 715 53 84
F (+31) 020 635 30 01

BN 29046404


In 2011 we have opened an office in Cracow (Poland) to enlarge our technical team. Poland is home to perhaps the best programmers in the world. The fact that there are three highly acclaimed technical universities in Cracow made this the obvious choice for us. We have 47 programmers working for us in in Cracow now. They are involved in technique and architecture.

The office is managed by Tomasz Rzany.

Contact person
Tomasz Rzany

Edmunda Wasilewskiego 20/4
30-305 Krakow

M info@amsterdam-standard.pl
T (+48) 796 048 788

KRS 0000417807
NIP 6762454688

CONTACT Barcelona

Location, location, location! Please don’t hesitate to drop by in our beautiful office on the Passeo de Gracia, bordering the famous Plaza de Catalunya. About as good as it gets in Barcelona in terms of location. From here we serve the Spanish market. There are no programmers or designers working here. Sales, project management and maintenance is carried out from this location.

The office is managed by Jeroen Meijs.

Contact person
Jeroen Meys

Paseo de Gracia 8-10, 1-1
08007 Barcelona

M jeroen@amsterdamstandard.es
T (+34) 93 302 86 40
F (+34) 93 301 31 62


Because of our growth in 2015 we opened a new office in Rzeszow (165 km from Cracow).

Rzeszow is a typical student city with +- 170.000 inhabitants and home to a great technical university. In Rzeszow we are able to continue expanding our PHP and Python team and also our talented .NET and mobile team of experienced programmers.

The office is managed by Tomasz Rzany.

Contact person
Tomasz Rzany

aleja gen. Okulickiego 13B
35-222, Rzeszow

M info@amsterdam-standard.pl
T (+48) 796 048 788


Since February 2018 we are also active in Wroclaw. You can find our office in the heart of the old town - on the market square.

Wroclaw is going to be our main growth center in upcoming months, mainly focused on JavaScript developers.

The office is managed by Radek Fafara.

Contact person
Radoslaw Fafara

Rynek 60/9U
50-116, Wroclaw

M info@amsterdam-standard.pl
T (+48) 730 048 788

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